Pro Series Standard Tub Kit


Doggie Wash Tub™ – Pro Series Standard 48 or 60 Tub Kit – Stainless Steel Dog Wash Tub 48″ or 60″ w/ Step Up Door and Stool, Hair Catcher Filter, Quality Hose Fixture w Hardware, Elevating Cushioned Platform, Shampoo Bottle Holder

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Item Number: DL-DWPRO-48S | DL-DWPRO-60S

DL-DWPRO-60S — 60” W x 59” H x 27” D

The Stainless-Steel Pro Dog Wash Tub brings innovation to animal bathing with a number of patented features that include methods to reduce water and shampoo use, keep hair out of drains and increase safety and ergonomics for bathers and pets. The high-capacity hair catching system keeps hair out of the drain while allowing all water to drain properly (U.S. Patent 7080608). Stainless steel step-up stool, elevating bottom grate and mat set, quality hose fixture and bottle holder included.

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