Pro Series Architectural 60 Tub Kit

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Doggie Wash Tub™ – Pro Series Architectural 60 Tub Kit – Stainless Steel Dog Wash Tub 60″ w/ Rear Step In Door, Hair Catcher Filter, Quality Hose Fixture w Hardware, Elevating Cushioned Platform, Shampoo Bottle Holder


Item Number: DL-DWPRO-60R

Dimensions: 60” W x 36” H x 28.5” D

The Stainless Steel Pro Dog Wash Tub brings innovation to the animal bathing process with a number of patented features that include methods to reduce water and shampoo use, keep hair out of the drain (U.S. Patent 7080608), and increase safety and ergonomics for bathers and pets. Hair catcher, elevating bottom grate and mat set, quality hose fixture, bottle holder and faucet included. Stainless-steel step-up stool is sold separately.

  • 14ga stainless steel.Beautifully finished, no sharp edges.
  • Built-in, high-capacity Hair Catching System*helps keep pet hair out of the drain.
  • Free Standing or Insert – low entry point
  • Can be placed on either left or right side
  • Fully-welded restraint points for restraint tethers add safety.
  • The Elevating Platform System** makes it easy to bathe smaller animals.

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