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Camo Dog™ Mini Hill Climb™

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Product Information

Item Number: DL-MH-CAMO

Approximate Dimensions: 4′ L x 30”W x 18” H

The Mini Hill Climb™ is ideal for smaller dog breeds but dogs of all sizes will find the Mini Hill Climb™ to be fun exercise as they build confidence, stamina and balance. The smaller size is less intimidating for all dogs needing a great starter ramp. This product provides incline and decline training promotes muscular and joint strengthening. Gyms For Dogs®

Exclusive Proprietary Product Dress, Patent Pending & Patented Product Features

Unique Gyms For Dogs® exclusive product features:

  • Featuring Gyms For Dogs® distinctive unique Black Frames
  • Gyms For Dogs® proprietary Large Base Feet
  • Decorative Side Rails as part of the Frame Kit
  • Gyms For Dogs® proprietary Plank System offering specific and various colors and materials
  • Unique Gyms For Dogs® designs featuring Proprietary Angles and Product Dimensions to provide a safe and fun play environment for dogs
  • Designed solely to enhance a dogs health and exercise benefits when using the product
  • All products are pre-assembled, or very minor assembly required
  • Gyms For Dogs® proprietary ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Frame Kits available for DIY projects. If interested in procuring just the frame kits, please contact Gyms For Dogs®

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